Technical Writing Workshop

GDG Oahu
Mon, Feb 27, 1:30 PM (HST)

This Technical Writing Workshop is brought to you by Google Developer Groups in partnership with Educative. Upskill your writing, get published, and have the opportunity to win awesome prizes in this 4-week, self-directed workshop.

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About this event

There are few opportunities that allow developers to gain experience writing, but the Technical Writing Workshop changes that!  Sign up for the GDG Technical Writing Workshop brought to you by Educative and Google Developer Groups. Improve your grammar and learn how to research, outline, and write an article during this 4-week workshop.

Join this free workshop that runs from February 27th - April 4th! Get the opportunity to improve your writing skills, learn from FAANG recruiters how to present yourself better on your resume, and have the potential to win prizes such as an UberEats gift card, a Google Home Mini, or gift subscriptions from!


  • Two orientations: 
    • Join the first orientation & learn about the workshop and get an introduction to Technical Writing. If you are on the fence, you can join this orientation and decide from there!
    • Join the second orientation to learn how to use Educative’s executable code widgets and see how Educative uses Docker to make sure all codes are executable
  • Choose a topic
  • Outline your topic
  • Create a draft and submit it for review
  • Meet-up with other workshop participants – attendees of this meet-up will have the chance to win prizes such as a gift card to Uber Eats, Google Home Mini, and more!
  • Go through our professional, editorial review process
  • Get published
  • Meet up with different recruiters – learn how to promote yourself and your skills on your resume.

Workshop Timeline

  • 2/27 (First orientation): Get introduced to the workshop, learn about technical writing basics, and practice what you’ve learned. A mini-course on technical writing and a list of topics that you can choose from to write on during the workshop will be sent out at this time. If you are on the fence about participating in the workshop, I encourage you to join this first orientation to help you decide.
  • 3/1 (Second orientation): Learn how to use the Educative platform and see how Educative uses Docker to ensure all codes are executable.
  • 3/6: The submission for your first draft is due by 9 pm PST. Those who submit will be entered into a raffle to win a Google Home Mini.
  • 3/13: Reviews from Educative’s Editorial Team will be sent back to all participants by 6 pm PST. A review consists of a technical content review and a structural review that will provide you feedback on the structure of your article and give you tips on how to improve it.
  • 3/15: Workshop meet-up to discuss questions and interact with other participants. All who join the meet-up will be entered into a raffle to win an Uber Eats gift card.
  • 3/17: The submission for your second draft is due by 9 pm PST.
  • 3/24: Final reviews from Educative’s Editorial team will be sent back to all participants by 6 pm PST. A review consists of a technical content review and line edit that gives you feedback and suggestions on how to tighten up and clarify your language.
  • 3/29: Final submission due by 9 pm PST.
  • 3/30: Meet-up for workshop participants on how to promote yourself on your resume!
  • 4/4: Deadline to publish your article. All participants who publish an article will receive a 1-month gift subscription to Educative courses upon publication.
  • 4/13: Winners announced!  3 winners are chosen based on article views from 4/4-4/13 and receive up to a 1-year Unlimited subscription to




Monday, Feb 27
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (HST)