Keras Knights - Navigating Keras (A Deep Dive)

GDG Nyeri
Thu, Sep 21, 8:00 PM (EAT)

50 RSVP'ed

About this event

In today's session, We will delve into the world of Keras, a user-friendly tool for deep learning. You'll explore how fundamental concepts of deep learning seamlessly connect with Keras and TensorFlow.

First, you'll learn to build Keras models using the Sequential class, which is like building with blocks, making it easy to create neural networks with different layers. You'll also dive into the Keras Functional API Model, which gives you more flexibility in designing your models.

To fine-tune your models, we'll explore Keras callbacks, which are like tools in a workshop, enabling you to tweak your training process. This includes using built-in Keras training and evaluation loops to optimize your models.

For monitoring progress, we'll utilize TensorBoard, which is like a fitness tracker for your neural networks. It helps you visualize how well your models are doing during training and evaluation.

By the end of this session, you'll have taken significant steps in mastering Keras, opening doors to exciting possibilities in the world of deep learning.