[Special Event] Building Apps for Google Assistant

Wed, Jun 28, 2017, 6:30 PM (EDT)

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VENUE: General Assembly 4th Floor



This meetup page is primarily to provide information about the event, and to allow attendees to discuss ideas, share comments and more on this topic.


6:30pm ========= Doors Open

"Lightning Talk: Neural Networks, Beamforming, and the Cocktail Conundrum "

(Speaker: Tessa Park)

Abstract: What exactly is neural beamforming anyway? This talk will cover what’s so great about the Google Assistant’s new ears, and what they have to do with Old Fashioneds. 


"Common Issues & Best Practices for Google Assistant" (Speaker: Allen Firstenberg)

Speaker Bio: Allen is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Wearables, IoT, and Assistant. As an independent consultant, his goal is to help people use Google technologies to discover and build experiences that can be achieved in no other way – whether it's how they interact, play games, do business, or just record precious moments in time with their families

Abstract: In this talk, he will share advice and recommendations that will be invaluable to anyone participating in the ongoing "Actions on Google" Developer Challenge (deadline: Aug 2017)

7:15 pm 

"Developing Apps for Google Assistant" (Speaker: Brad Abrams)

Speaker Bio:  Brad Abrams is Group Product Manager on Actions on Google -- the platform for the Google Assistant where he is responsible for the developer experiences on the platform. Brad has been at Google since 2011 and has led platform efforts in Google Cloud and Chrome and now on the Cloud Assistant team. Prior to Google, Brad lead many developer efforts at Microsoft on products including the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Silverlight and Visual Studio. Brad published several books including the bestselling Framework Design Guidelines. Brad has spoken at developer conferences around the world including nearly every major Microsoft developer event during his tenure and many Google IO and GCP Live events since he joined.

Abstract: Brad will do a version of his Google IO 2017 Talk tailored for a beginner audience. The Google Assistant's mission is to help users get things done in their world. This session will explain how to plug into the Google Assistant services ecosystem. We'll cover everything from understanding the business use case and high level user interface design to implementation and growing usage. By the end of this session, you should have a better understanding of the Assistant service ecosystem and how to get started.


Q&A / Audience Participation

We'll open the floor to questions for both speakers.

If you are already working on an Assistant app or project, we encourage you to do a demo or share your ideas with the group (and speakers) for feedback. If you are new to the Google Assistant, we encourage you to brainstorm ideas and explore developing an app for the August 2017 deadline.

8:30pm ========== Doors Close