[GDG NYC] Machine Learning Study Camp @CondeNast

Thu, Nov 17, 2016, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

Recurring bi-weekly Machine Learning Study Camp meetups.

These meetups are for GDG members that have already registered for ML Camp 2016.  RSVP for this event if you are part of ML Camp 2016 and can attend the in-venue review event.

Registration for new members to ML Camp 2016 is now closed. We will be starting a new cohort in 2017 and hope you will join us for it.


TITLE Python 102: Hidden Python


In "Python 101," whether a formall course or raw experience, you learned basic Python syntax. You're familiar with many of the core keywords and have written lots of small snippets of code, some tools, and perhaps even a more sizable app or two. Perhaps you've even written some object-oriented code, used decorators, generators, or other intermediate features. But are you missing anything? Do you look at Python code written by others, understand most of it, but perhaps gloss over some subtleties? That's the issue with no longer being purely a beginner. You know stuff, but on occasion, it's not enough. What are some of those things that are hidden from you but still in plain sight?

In this talk, you'll learn what some of these nuances are, perhaps helping you take a step or two closer towards better understanding and on a path towards mastery. This is an interactive best practices talk, focusing on Python feature, syntax, under-the-cover factoids, and idioms which relatively new users may not be aware of. All you need to bring is some basic knowledge of Python and a desire to learn more, and taking your Python skills to the next level. Time-permitting, I'll even show you some interesting Python-related tools from Google that may be useful for your applications.