[GDG NYC Aug] Progressive Web Apps: Tech Talks & CodeLab

Mon, Aug 8, 2016, 5:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

VENUE: GWB Tech Talk Room @Google NYC 

Please enter at 9th Ave & 16th St  **This is a different location than we used last month**

If you can arrive at 5pm and help with badge distribution please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/gdgnycvolunteer 


Please note that this meetup happens in the main Google NYC building. This means we need to provide building security with first/last names of attendees. Please include your full name in your profile or in your RSVP.

If you RSVP for this event with an incomplete name or alias, you will be moved to the wait list until that is corrected. We will also collect all no-show name-tags to use for monitoring repeat no-shows.

5:00pm  Registration 

PLEASE NOTE: **no arrivals  will be admitted after 6:15PM as a courtesy to our volunteers**

6:00pm  "Progressive Web Apps Keynote" -- Surma (Chrome Developer Relations Team, Google UK)

Surma will do a recap of the keynote content from the recent Progressive Web Apps summit, and potentially cover some of the material he has presented at both Google IO and PWA Summits in 2016.

(Q&A break)

6:45pm "To the Lighthouse: A Progressive Web App Journey"  -- Jeff Posnick (Chrome Developer Relations Team, Google NYC)

Project Lighthouse from the Google Chrome team is a tool to provide auditing and performance metrics for Progressive Web Apps. Currently available as an early release extension for Chrome 52 (or as a CLI via NPM -- though this has some issues that are being addressed), it provides an easy-to-understand score on compliance with best practices, with step-by-step guidance to improving that number. 

At the PWA Summit, Jeff walked through usage of Lighthouse to incrementally improve the PWA score for an existing codebase. In his talk at GDG New York, he will review Project Lighthouse and recap some of the key takeaways from that talk.

(Q&A Break)

7:30pm Lightning Talk: "HyperDev: A Developer Playground for Building Full-Stack Web Apps, Fast!" -- Pirijan Ketheswaran (HyperDev developer, Fog Creek)

HyperDev is the latest project from FogCreek software, and is billed as "a developer playground" for building real web apps in a fraction of time - combining automated deployment, instant hosting and collaborative editing. The project is currently in beta. 

Pirijan is one of the lead developers of HyperDev and will do a quick demo and review the features of the platform. 

(Q&A Break)

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8:15pm PWA CodeLab

All Progressive Web App Summit codelabs are online at https://g.co/codelabs/pwadevsummit. Bring your laptops and do a codelab at the event. The benefit: working in a group is always more fun, and we will have Chrome DevRel experts on hand to answer any questions you may have on the codelab or on PWA in general.

Pick one of the following options based on your level of familiarity with PWA and Web App Development.

• (Beginners) Try the "First PWA" Codelab 

• (Intermediate) If you have already completed the above, then check out "Find and Fix Web App Performance Issues

• (Advanced) Done with both and looking for a challenge? Try "PWA, Polymer & Firebase: Build a PWA with Polymer-Fire". Note: This is a 55-minute codelab. Only attempt this if you have already completed the others at home or prior to the event.

We're not saying you should do the codelab -- but we have you covered for coffee if you do :-)

9:00pm Doors Close