DevFest NYC 2021

Dec 2 - 3, 2021, 4:00 PM (EST)

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About this event

Welcome to DevFest NYC!

This year we would like to engage our community through DevFest - the biggest event of the year and help create a sense of community and belonging in NYC.

As New York City is reopening, we plan to get together in person in a safe way outdoors to reunite and do fun activities together like having professional headshots.

Join us on Day 1 in NYC on Thursday, Dec. 2 for a small and safe gathering between 5 pm and 7 pm - location TBD. Proof of Vaccination required!

Day 2 on Friday, Dec. 3 from 1 pm to 5 pm - will be a virtual event with a communication workshop, Android Study Jam, GDG for Good App Demo and Live coding and many prizes and surprises!

Day 2 Agenda:

🕑1:00 PM Welcome to DevFest NYC
Introduce yourself

🕑1:15 PM GDG for Good: WeTransact - an AI app powered by Google Cloud Platform GDG for Good: WeTransact - an AI app powered by Google Cloud Platform helps entrepreneurs and founders bring their idea to ROI, presented by Alexis Snelling, CEO and Founder, WeTransact and David Snelling, CSO and Founder, WeTransact

🕑2:00 PM Maximizing Your Presence and Power in a Virtual Corporate World: How to Access and Articulate Your Best Ideas in Your Most Important Moments at Work
Join Leah Bonvissuto, Communication Coach at PresentVoices for a communication workshop plus Q and A

🕑3:00 PM Android Study Jam
Learn how to use MotionLayout with Kaitlyn Anderson, Android Engineering Manager, Streem and Madona Syombua, Android Engineer III, Streem

🕑4:00 PM Decentralization of Digital Assets on Google Cloud: How to Empower the NFT Community with Permanent and Resilient Storage using IPFS with Fabian Bocart

Blockchain transactions using Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reached $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021.

If you ever wanted to invest in digital art, sports collectibles and video games, you should know the biggest problem facing this surging market: the safety of the the digital assets, say your favorite memes.

In this real-time demo, you will see how to protect your digital assets, how to check if what you are buying is safe and secure and even deploy a solution yourself.

While tokens are safely decentralized on their respective blockchains, like Ethereum, data show that most of the corresponding files are too often stored in central websites that offer little to no long term protection for buyers and sellers.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a peer-to-peer protocol that ensures decentralization and permanency of files. Adding a file to IPFS means it is cryptographically hashed and provided with a unique fingerprint that acts as a permanent record. Files that are stored on IPFS are resistant to tampering and censorship, contrary to those saved on central servers. You will learn how to rapidly deploy an IPFS node using a combination of Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. The solution can be easily scaled using Kubernetes or Anthos for multi-cloud decentralization.

🕑5:00 PM Raffle and Prizes
Tweet using #DevFestNYC to enter a raffle to win 3 Google Nest Hub Max



December 2 - 3
4:00 PM (EST)


  • Linda Kovacs

    Linda Kovacs


    Software Engineer

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  • Eva Sofianos

    Eva Sofianos

    GDG Bronx


  • Carolina Castro

    Carolina Castro


    Developer Relations Program Manager

  • Anna Nerezova

    Anna Nerezova

    Analytics and Optimization Consultant

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  • Madona Wambua

    Madona Wambua

    Android Engineer

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