GDG NoCO Android Study Jam - CANCELLED 8-12-2021

I apologize, this week our regular Android Study Jam is canceled and I do apologize to the community, something came up last minute for the organizer. We will resume next week on Friday with Android Study Jam Social. I appreciate all of you and welcome newcomers, next week! Thank you sincerely for your patience during this time. I wish you all a great week.

Aug 13, 2021, 12:00 – 1:00 AM


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I'm excited to announce that it is Android Study Jam Season! Starting April 8th, 2021, and ending October 24th, 2021, we will be meeting together every other Thursday evening online to learn the essentials of the Kotlin programming language and the fundamentals of how to build Android apps in Kotlin.

We left off with the sixth and seventh sections, lets review the lessons provided at and about Activity and Fragment Lifecycles and App Architecture. We can also review what we've learned so far.

Have you missed previous sessions? It's never too late to join! This event will run until October, I am posting the slide decks and contents online and we have a slack channel for participants to ask questions and stay in touch. Please RSVP for the event and attend or contact the organizer for links.

These events are open to all audiences, although having a basic introduction to object-oriented programming and basic knowledge of GitHub will be helpful, however, it is not required. I will be sharing resources and challenges each week from the 'Prior Programming Experience Track'. Those who complete all 10 lessons from can be awarded a certificate upon submitting a screenshot of the completion at the end of the course (instructions will be provided).

Everyone is welcome, this is a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Feel free to work at your own pace, or to jump in at any time. All events in this series will be offered virtual, although future events in this series may be streamed from an in-person venue for those who are interested in an in-person event starting later this summer.


  • Jennifer Bailey

    Aims Community College

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  • Dan Stormont

    GDG Tucson


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