Diving into WebAssembly

GDG New Orleans
Tue, Jul 16, 2019, 7:00 PM (CDT)

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GDG New Orleans is a monthly meeting where developers can present on any topic related to technology and software development. This week we present:

Diving into WebAssembly

WebAssembly is the exciting new alternative to Javascript. With WebAssembly, you can write code in any language, and it runs in the web browser at near native speeds. Join us as we talk about the basics and walk through an example.Languages that can compile to WebAssembly include C, C++, Rust, Java, C#, Python, Elixir, and Go. WebAssembly is an open standard, supported by all modern browsers.Compared to Javascript, WebAssembly can provide greater performance and lower file sizes. Also, emerging features like multithreading provide new capabilities that haven't been possible in the web browser before.

Hosted by Charles Babbitt, Founder & CEO of Blockpad (blockpad.net)

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