Google Assistant: Build Actions For Your Community

GDG New Delhi
Sat, Mar 17, 2018, 10:00 AM (IST)

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[LATEST UPDATE: 16th March, 2018]: All seats filled up, see you tomorrow everyone. Remember to bring your Laptops and Entry Passes!

15th MARCH, 2018: Second round of RSVPs rolled out. Entry Passes also rolled out for people who confirmed presence. RSVPs forms to close soon.

15TH MARCH, 2018: First round of RSVPs rolled out, confirm fast before the forms are closed!

12TH MARCH, 2018: Registration forms rolled out! Okay Google!
Ever said that? And what did you tell/ask after it.

It's time to make your own conversations with the Google Assistant!
As a part of the Build Actions For Your Community which is a Global Series of Study Jams, we'd like to announce our next exciting meetup.

The aim of this meetup is to take you through the following:
- Learn to Design Conversations [The good and the better]
- Make a basic conversation with the Google Assistant using DialogFlow
- Discuss more ideas and help you take your DialogFlow conversation live for everyone to use

Here's the link to Register: