The Egypt International Science and Technology Fair (EISTF)

Educational City, 6 of October - 6th Of October Educational City، طريق التحرير، ثان 6 اكتوبر، الجيزة، 6th Of October, WWW8+79 - View Map GDG New Cairo
Feb 24 - 26, 10:00 AM (EET)

About this event

و دلوقتى جيه ميعادنا مع المفاجآت و هنعلن عن ال partenership مع EISTF 🤗

لا ثانيه واحدة هى ايه دى اصلا 🤔؟

ايستف " معرض مصر الدولي للعلوم والتكنولوجيا " هو برنامج للجمعيه المصرية للعلوم و الهندسه (EASE) و هى تابعة ل وزارة التضامن

طيب و هى عبارة عن ايه ؟

بص ي سيدى دى عبارة عن مسابقة علميه دوليه للمدارس الثانوية و طلاب الجامعات فى مصر

يعنى اى حد من الفئات دى يقدر يسجل و يشترك ؟

بالضبط كدة ،، و كمان بتكون ف مجالات علميه كتيرة زى الاحياء و الطب و الهندسة الميكانيكيه و الكهربائية و الفيزياء و علم الفلك و علوم الكمبيوتر و الكيمياء و غيرهم كتير

طب و هتستفيد ايه لما تشترك ؟

انا هقولك ، أولا هيتقدم جوائز و ننح دراسة بناء على الابداع و الابتكار و ثانيا هتكسب معرفة كويسة اوى ب المجالات و ممكن من هنا تبجأ طريق جديد يوصلك ل هدفك ✨

هااا مستنى ايه اشترك و ابدأ حلم جديد ✨❤️ .. سجل دلوقتي من هنا واستفيد ب خصم ٤٠٪ على سعر التيكت:

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Welcome to The Egypt International Science and Technology Fair (EISTF)!

EISTF is a program of The Egyptian Association for Science and Engineering (EASE), a non-profit association affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity announced on October 26, 2016 with No. 2397.. It is the biggest international science competition for high school and college students in Egypt which will be held this year in the Educational City, 6 of October from 24 to 26 February 2023 by the partnership with Science Land - أرض العلوم, an Ed-tech development and train students startup in Egypt.

At EISTF, participants have the opportunity to showcase their research projects in different categories such as Biology and Medicine, Mechanical and electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Computer Science, Chemistry and Environmental Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Awards and Scholarships will be given out in each category based on creativity and innovation.

Participants will also gain valuable experience by developing interpersonal and professional skills while competing with other students from all over Egypt as well as other countries.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s EISTF competition then please visit our website:

For more information about how to apply or contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s EISTF!


February 24 - 26
10:00 AM (EET)


Educational City, 6 of October
6th Of October Educational City، طريق التحرير، ثان 6 اكتوبر، الجيزة، 6th Of OctoberWWW8+79