IWD Netherlands 2018 : Building a new Horizon

GDG Netherlands
Thu, May 3, 2018, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are proud to be hosting the 2018 International Women's Day Celebration, a women's tech conference, open to everyone. This event will highlight the stories of our growing female community of designers, developers, and technology entrepreneurs.

(Please note that this may be subject to change.)

17:00 Walk-in & Dinner*
17:30 Speechless: Becoming a confident public speaker -
Lee Boonstra (https://www.linkedin.com/in/leeboonstra/)
19:30 Becoming an employable, self-educated programmer - Louise Bicker Caarten**
19:45 Open panel
20:10 Closing and drinks*
20:45 Doors closed

*Food and beverage are sponsored by Q42

**Abstract: A few years ago I graduated from university with a BSc in Psychology and absolutely no idea of what to do with my life. I ended up passively accepting jobs that felt demeaning and uninspiring. Frustrations mounted, until one day I realized that I needed to set a goal, and stick to it: I decided to become a programmer. I took a radical approach and quit my job to focus on learning to program full-time. Join me in this talk to hear about my process of setting a goal, the steps I took to achieve it, and how I ended up in New York to attend the Recurse Center in pursuit of a career as a programmer.

• Important to know
Our events are open to tech enthusiasts of all genders and ages.
Code of conduct: https://gdgnetherlands.org/conduct

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