DevFest Nashville

GDG Nashville / Nashville Mobile Developers
Sat, Jan 28, 2017, 10:00 AM (CST)

About this event

The tools, libraries, and IDE's that are available today make it easy to be productive as a developer.  Also, there are a TON of freely available API's in the cloud, enabling such awesome functionality as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Translation, and Big Data Manipulation.  Mobile screens are in every hand, and more and more devices are becoming programmable and connected.

DevFest is Nashville's introduction to a few of these technologies. Our agenda is currently as follows:

There WILL be swag, there WILL be great food, and there WILL be prizes.  We're giving away a Chromebook or two and a Pebble SmartWatch along with a bunch of miscellaneous geek goodies.  Anybody want a Captain America backpack or a steampunk watch?

With the contributions of the sponsors below, attendance is free of charge to all attendees.

Special thanks to LunarLincoln, to CocoaHeads Nashville, and to Nashville Music Programmers for bringing their knowledge and expertise.