Android for Beginners Study Group

GDG Nashville / Nashville Mobile Developers
Tue, Feb 16, 2016, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

In our Study Group sessions, we will walk through the steps to create a functional Android app, following the Udacity Android for Beginners online tutorial curriculum.

For this second meetup of the Study Group, we'll want participants to have gone through Lesson One of the curriculum and started on Practice Set One. We'll put a meeting on the calendar every week, but one or two of those meetings might get deferred.

We'll anticipate taking about a month to go through the entire curriculum, with participants spending probably two-three hours outside of the in-person meetings working on their own. At the end of the study group series we'll have participants present their implementation of the final project. The project judged to be the best will win its developer a prize. What's it going to be? We're not sure yet, but after last year's study group we awarded three quadcopters as prizes.

Auditors are welcome. Even if you don't intend to complete the project, you can come and see what this kind of development entails, and (maybe more interestingly) who is doing it! Expect pizza... Below is a link to the Udacity curriculum:

If you can't be at the meeting tonight, feel free to join the Google Hangout.  That's limited to up to 10 people, and won't begin until after 6, but this link should work:

If you'd rather not be part of the discussion, you can also just watch: