Google Cloud Computing Online Introduction

About this event

We will introduce something about cloud computing and google cloud technologies in this online event. This online event will include the following contents.

1.The Internet: From Hardware to Community
Access from anywhere and from multiple devices
Make sharing as easy as creating and saving
Users don’t want their data held hostage
Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use
Trust that data will not be lost or seen by unwanted parties

2.The Innovation: A Computing Cloud
(1)Data stored on the cloud
(2)Software & services on the cloud - Access via web browser
(3)Based on standards and protocols - Linux, AJAX, LAMP, etc.
(4)Accessible from any device

3.Breakthroughs for Cloud Computing
(1)use Gmail
(2)use Google Docs to Solve a Task
(3)GSuit for everything

4.Google Cloud Platform for Cloud Computing
(1)Computing Engine
(2)Cloud Storage
(3)App Engine

5.Google Infrastructure for Cloud Computing
(1)GFS Architecture
(3)BigTable:Basic Data Model

We will use DingDIng online tools for this event. Welcome to our online event and share your ideas. See you in sunday morning.