Front-End Fundamentals

GDG Najaf
Feb 28 - Apr 5, 9:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

A ten-week course teaches front-end fundamentals (HTML + CSS). In addition to some important tools that every programmer needs, such as the basics of using terminal, git and GitHub, bootstrap, and how to host a website on a server like netlify. This course is presented by the GDG-Najaf team.

Provided path:

- Basics of web development using HTML and CSS.

- Basics of using the terminal.

- Basics of using Version Control tools such as Git and GitHub.

- Hosting websites online.



  • Athraa Mosawi

    Athraa Mosawi

    GDG Najaf

    GDG Organizer

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  • Zahraa Alkhawaja

    Zahraa Alkhawaja

    Alkafeel University

    GDG Organizer

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  • Zahraa M A Baharaluloom

    Zahraa M A Baharaluloom

    GDG Organizer

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  • Nuha Almusawi

    Nuha Almusawi

    University of Alkafeel

    GDG Organizer

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  • Mohammed Jawad

    Mohammed Jawad

    University of AlKafeel

    Web Developer

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  • Fadak Riyadh

    Fadak Riyadh

    Team Member

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  • Ali Shukur

    Ali Shukur

    Al-kafeel center for information technology

    unix/linux system administrator

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