Public Speaking Workshop

GDG Nairobi
Tue, Mar 12, 2019, 2:00 PM (EAT)

About this event

Did you ever want to give a talk, but didn’t know where to start? Or do you already have some experience already and want to get some additional training? Then this is the right workshop for you.

The facilitators will not only give you the confidence and tools to be comfortable with public speaking but will give you the opportunity to try this out in a safe space and also answer all of your questions.

Hosted by WTM- GDG Nairobi in total collaboration with Google, the workshop is set to take place on 12th of March 2019. Please follow this link to apply as well as a confirmation of your attendance.

*Please note: As this workshop is only practical up to medium-sized groups, please note that by filling out this application it does not guarantee that you will be selected since we have a limited number of spots. You will hear from us after we close the application on February, 27th.*


  • Louise Mercy Jillo

    Louise Mercy Jillo

    Interswitch Group

    Organizer - Party & Happiness

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  • Tabitha Kavyu

    Tabitha Kavyu

    Organizer - Communications & Crew

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  • Wayne Gakuo

    Wayne Gakuo


    GDG Co-organizer & Crew

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  • Brian Ouma

    Brian Ouma


    Organizer - Brand & Creatives

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  • Ngesa Marvin

    Ngesa Marvin

    Safaricom PLC

    GDG Organizer - 10x & Strategic Partnerships

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  • Cynthia Kamau

    Cynthia Kamau

    GDG Co-Lead & Program

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  • Reuben Kihiu

    Reuben Kihiu


    Organizer & Design

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  • daisy okacha

    daisy okacha

    Partnerships & ML Organizer

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  • Mercy Kwambai

    Mercy Kwambai

    WTM Ambassador

    GDG Co-Organizer & Program

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  • Paul Tangara

    Paul Tangara

    Organizer - Partnerships

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  • Velda Kiara

    Velda Kiara

    Organizer - Media and Blogs

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