IWD Nairobi 2024 AI Hackathon

CPA Centre, Babadogo Thika Road, Nairobi, 000

Impact the Future !

Mar 16, 5:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Key Themes

International Women's DayWomen Techmakers

About this event

International Women’s Day (IWD) is Women Techmakers’ largest annual campaign where Ambassadors host and speak at events all around the world during March and April in celebration of this moment.

In celebration of International Women's Day, WTM Nairobi together with GDG Nairobi have come together to host the IWD event on March 16th and March 23rd. Our theme for this year 2024 is Impact the Future.

We are thrilled to host a hackathon on 16th March 2024.

Come and let's learn how to use AI for our benefit. 

use the following hashtags:

#ImpactTheFuture #BuildWithGemini #InfinixXClub #SheIsInfinix #WTMNairobi #IWD2024 #DoHardThings

To #BuildWithAI, here are key tools to help you set up and get ready to #ImpactTheFuture 💃🏾:

1. Learn more about Gemini AI here

2. View Documentation on Gemini API here

  • This will help you get started with code snippets, instructions, parameters use, how to plug in, etc.
  • For the hackathon, this will be a KEY page.

3. Access Google AI Studio Quickstart here

  • This is the guide to where you get started with the Google AI Studio

4. Access Google AI studio here

  • This is a browser-based IDE for prototyping with generative models)

5. Get to use Gemini in your dev projects with guidance from tutorials here

  • They will guide on aspects like API key, dependencies - as per the technology stack

6. We had Virtual AI Sessions leading up to the #IWD2024 #WTMNairobi Hackathon. Missed out? The nuggets can help you too. Here are some recordings to help you get started:

7. Some helpful articles? We gatchu! 💪🏾

With that, you have all you need to get started.

Note: Carry your laptop, and the energy to build solutions.

Happy #IWD and Happy Coding! May your solutions #ImpactTheFuture ✨.



Saturday, March 16, 2024
5:00 AM – 2:00 PM UTC


Arrival And Registration
Welcome Remarks
Partners Session : ALX
Partners Session : INFINIX
Partners Session : ICP KUSHITES
Partners Session : Go my Code
Partners Session : GDG
Partners Session : OSCA NAIROBI
Ice-Breaker & Teams formation
Let the Hack Begin!
Lunch Break
Finalize your projects…
Hackathon solutions presentations
Closing Remarks
Networking & Goodbye


  • Kimberly Msabeni

    UX Developer

  • Philomena Mbura

    Data Scientist, WiD Lead, WTM Ambassador

  • Diana Mutheu

    Roche - University of Liverpool

    Associate Data Scientist

  • Cynthia Kamau

    Software Engineer | WTM Ambassador | GDG Nairobi Co-Lead

  • Jackie Moraa

    Software Developer | WTM Ambassador

  • Sabrina Barongo

    Safaricom PLC

    Senior Cyber Security Engineer | WTM Ambassador

  • Annunziata Kinya


    Anrdoid Engineer


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GDG Nairobi

Infinix logo


Kushite ICP East Africa Hub logo

Kushite ICP East Africa Hub

OSCA Nairobi logo

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Go my Code


  • Louise Mercy Jillo

    Interswitch Group

    Organizer - Party & Happiness

  • Tabitha Kavyu

    Organizer - Communications & Crew

  • Wayne Gakuo


    GDG Co-organizer & Crew

  • Ngesa Marvin

    Safaricom PLC

    Organizer - Strategic Partnerships, Content & ML

  • Cynthia Kamau

    Software Engineer | Programs Lead | WTM Ambassador

  • daisy okacha

    Partnerships & ML Organizer

  • Rachael Kimberly Msabeni

    WTM Ambassador

    UX Developer

  • Velda Kiara

    Organizer - Media and Blogs

  • Philomena Mbura

    WTM Ambassador

    Data Analyst/Scientist

  • Irene Onyango


  • Brian Ouma

    GDG Organizer

    Media & Designs

  • Teresia Kirung'o

    Organizer - Media & Communication

  • Wangari Njeri

    Organizer - Media & Communication

  • Marjan Hussein

    Organizer - Demo Zones

  • Brayan Mwanyumba

    GDG Co-Lead & Crew