Google I/O Extended Nairobi

About this event

As the first Google I/O Extended collaboration by GDG Strathmore, GDG USIU, GDG JKUAT and GDG Nairobi we’re super excited to bring together an audience of enthusiasts, developers and creators on the biggest tech event of the year. Our event will contain codelabs, speaker sessions from Google Developer Experts, and a livestream of the keynote speeches. We believe that this event will act as a way for the tech community in Strathmore University to come together to discuss the progress of technology, learn new things and all in all have a piece of the action at I/O in their local community.


  • Mercy Kwambai

    Mercy Kwambai

    WTM Ambassador

    WTM Lead

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  • Louise Mercy Jillo

    Louise Mercy Jillo

    Interswitch Group

    Organizer - Party & Happiness

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  • Tabitha Kavyu

    Tabitha Kavyu

    Organizer - Communications & Crew

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  • Wayne Gakuo

    Wayne Gakuo


    GDG Co-organizer & Crew

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  • Brian Ouma

    Brian Ouma


    Organizer - Brand & Creatives

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  • Ngesa Marvin

    Ngesa Marvin


    GDG Organizer - 10x & Strategic Partnerships

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  • Cynthia Kamau

    Cynthia Kamau

    GDG Co-Lead & Program

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  • Reuben Kihiu

    Reuben Kihiu


    GDG Co-Lead & Design

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  • Irene Onyango

    Irene Onyango

    GDG Co-Lead

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