Google I/O 2023 Extended Nairobi

United States International University, United States International University, Nairobi, 00200

Join us for Google I/O Extended Nairobi 2023 on August 5th, an immersive event designed to bring the magic of the global Google I/O conference to Nairobi. This year, we're excited to delve into the groundbreaking announcements at Google I/O on Android, Flutter, Google Cloud, AI & ML and Web Technologies. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO GET AN INVITE. Register here:

Aug 5, 2023, 5:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Key Themes

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About this event

Google I/O Extended is an annual developer event held by local GDGs as an extended version of the main I/O conference at San Francisco.

Please join us to explore the latest developments in Google technology. We expect a highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on Web, Cloud, IoT , Android, Chrome, AI and more.

Last time we gave you the biggest I/O Extended event. This year it will be even bigger and better.

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5:00 AMAndroid Workshop : Compose & Beyond : Composing for Android TV - Room Lt 8.
5:00 AMArrival and registration
7:00 AMConference Opening
7:10 AMOpening session I: USIU
7:20 AMOpening session II: Google Kenya
7:30 AMOpening session III: Google Kenya
7:40 AMOpening session IIII: Diversity & Inclusivity
8:00 AMWTM Nairobi
8:10 AMTransition To Breakouts
9:00 AMWhat's new in Cloud, What's new in AI/ML - Conference Room Roof Top
9:00 AMWhat's new in Android, What's new in Flutter - Room LT 8.
9:00 AMWhat's new in Web - Room Lt 7.
9:40 AMTransition To Breakouts
10:20 AMAI Workshop : Diffusion Models with KerasCV - Room Conference roof top
10:20 AMCloud Workshop : Cloud APIS with AI session - Room Ss 19, 4th Floor
10:20 AMWeb Workshop : Federated Credential Management using Google login and Keycloak - Room Lt 7.
10:20 AMFlutter Workshop : Using gRPC in Flutter - Room Ss11, 3rd floor
11:00 AMLunch + Demos and Sandboxes
11:00 AMPhoto session.
12:00 PMAI Codelab : TinyML: On-Device ML with TensorFlow Lite Micro & Edge Impulse - Room Conference roof top
12:00 PMAndroid Codelab : Building for Automotive OS & Android Auto - Room Lt 8.
12:00 PMFlutter Codelab : Firebase - Room Ss 11, 3rd floor.
12:00 PMCloud Codelab : Prototype to Production: Getting Predictions from Custom Trained Models Using Vertex AI - Room Ss 19, 4th floor
12:00 PMWeb Codelab : Signals in Angular Demystified - Room Lt 7.
1:00 PMTransition To Breakouts
1:00 PMLeveraging cloud Firestore for backend in Angular Applications - Room Lt 7.
1:00 PMSIGN-TO-TEXT:Unleashing the Power of Google AI for real time ASL transcription - Room Conference roof top
1:00 PMConfiguration management(DevOps) - Room Ss 19, 4th floor
1:00 PMFlutter's Platform Channels - Room Ss 11, 3rd floor
1:00 PMJetpack Compose Animations: Smooth Experiences on Android - Room Lt 8.
1:40 PMVote of Thanks


  • Philip Bob Jusu


    Strategic Partnerships Manager for Africa

  • James Mwai

    Co-Founder and CTO Sky.Garden, GoogleDevExpert

    What's new in Cloud

  • Derrick Mwiti

    Layer AI, Data Scientist

    Building machine learning models with TensorFlow and transfer learning

  • Jacquiline Gitau

    WTM Ambassador

    Building a Data Layer that fits your overall app architecture

  • Eric Muli

    Whats new in Flutter

  • Wayne Gakuo

    Sky.Garden, Frontend Engineer, GDE for Angular

    Whats new in Web

  • Wycliffe Maina

    Typescript Aficionado

    Signals in Angular Demystified

  • Atieno Ouma

    Software Developer

    SIGN-TO-TEXT:Unleashing the Power of Google AI for real time ASL transcription

  • Marvin Ngesa

    Device Manager - Cloud Data & AI, Safaricom PLC

    Diffusion Models with KerasCV

  • Joseph Njogu

    Arc Ride Kenya, software & DevOps Engineer

    Configuration management(DevOps)

  • Clinton Oduor

    Co-organizer TinyML Kenya & Edge Impulse Ambassador

    TinyML: On-Device ML with TensorFlow Lite Micro & Edge Impulse

  • Kendi J

    Flutter Developer

  • Rodgers Ndocha

    DeepAfrica Limited, Machine Learning Engineer

    Cloud APIS with AI session

  • Kennedy Karoko Njagi

    Software Engineer - Byon8

    Using gRPC in Flutter

  • Ian Okumu

    .kt everywhere

    Jetpack Compose Animations: Smooth Experiences on Android

  • Job Alex Muturi

    Senior Software Engineer: Kyosk Digital Services

    Federated Credential Management using Google login and Keycloak

  • Brian Odhiambo

    Android Engineer @ Baobab Circle Ltd

    Compose & Beyond : Composing for Android TV

  • Paul Chesa


    Software Engineer

  • Benard Ngoda


    IOS/ Android Developer

  • Sam Baraka

    Software Engineer

  • Brayan Kai

    Data Scientist


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  • Louise Mercy Jillo

    Interswitch Group

    Organizer - Party & Happiness

  • Tabitha Kavyu

    Organizer - Communications & Crew

  • Wayne Gakuo


    GDG Co-organizer & Crew

  • Ngesa Marvin

    Safaricom PLC

    Organizer - Strategic Partnerships, Content & ML

  • Cynthia Kamau

    GDG Co-Lead & Program

  • daisy okacha

    Partnerships & ML Organizer

  • Rachael Kimberly Msabeni

    WTM Ambassador

    UX Developer

  • Velda Kiara

    Organizer - Media and Blogs