Build With AI Series 1 : Gemma

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Apr 25, 5:00 – 7:00 PM


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Build with AIGemini

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Are you ready to dive into the world of AI and unlock the potential of Google's most advanced AI technologies? Welcome to the Gemini Era!

Through interactive sessions and hands-on coding exercises, you'll learn how to use the Google's Gemini API together with Gemini Pro Vision API in Python

We will also walk you through building an AI system that can query your documents & data using LangChain & the Gemini API.

Join us and unlock the power of Gemini API. Let's unleash the full potential of AI together!



Thursday, April 25, 2024
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


Welcome Address
Study Jam


  • Ngesa Marvin

    Machine Learning GDE


  • Cynthia Kamau

    Software Engineer | WTM Ambassador | GDG Nairobi Co-Lead

  • Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

    She Code Africa Nairobi

    Technical Writer


  • Louise Mercy Jillo

    Interswitch Group

    Organizer - Party & Happiness

  • Tabitha Kavyu

    Organizer - Communications & Crew

  • Wayne Gakuo


    GDG Co-organizer & Crew

  • Ngesa Marvin

    Safaricom PLC

    Organizer - Strategic Partnerships, Content & ML

  • Cynthia Kamau

    Software Engineer | Programs Lead | WTM Ambassador

  • Rachael Kimberly Msabeni

    WTM Ambassador

    UX Developer

  • Velda Kiara

    Organizer - Media and Blogs

  • Philomena Mbura

    WTM Ambassador

    Data Analyst/Scientist

  • Irene Onyango


  • Brian Ouma

    GDG Organizer

    Media & Designs

  • Teresia Kirung'o

    Organizer - Media & Communication

  • Wangari Njeri

    Organizer - Media & Communication

  • Marjan Hussein

    Organizer - Demo Zones

  • Brayan Mwanyumba

    GDG Co-Lead & Crew

  • prisca akinyi


    Organizer - Partners

  • Reuben Kihiu


    Product Designer

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