The Tales of Mobile DevOps

GDG Nagpur
Sun, Nov 29, 2020, 1:30 PM (IST)

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About this event

If you're developing mobile apps, you probably know what's one of your most important KPI: Store Rating.

In such an environment, speed is key. You want to be able to iterate fast and ship beautiful apps to your users frequently. But with growing mobile teams, this is becoming more and more challenging.

The Mobile DevOps imposes a prospective shift to the "classical" DevOps perspective. Tools and processes should be adapted to the mobile release flow. You need to have tools to monitor your application, rollout a feature safely, and react to incident and 1-star reviews.

Mobile DevOps engineers to the rescue. They play a fundamental role in adapting your development flow to deliver mobile apps to your end-users.

In this talk, Nicola will share his experience as a Mobile DevOps engineer, highlighting some of his preferred tools, and some of the lessons he has learned while building mobile infrastructures.

The meetup will be live on the 29th of November, Sunday at 01:30 PM. Register now and get started.

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