Object Detection at Scale | GCP and Cloud SQL | Optimization in AI

GDG Mysuru
Sun, Jul 12, 2020, 7:00 PM (IST)

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Speaker 1: Jaley Dholakiya

Topic: Doing Object Detection at scale with very less labelled Data.

Designation: Sr. Research Scientist at Dailyhunt

Bio: Jaley is Sr. Research scientist at Dailyhunt working on Speech2Text and Video Recommendation tasks. He has a youtube channel named Crazymuse which intends to spread the word about Deep Learning Applications in a relatable way. He is an alumnus of Video Analytics Lab, CDS at IISc (Indian Institute of Science) and also published computer vision related papers in CVPR,ECCV. In the past, he had also worked on Autonomous Parking problem and Low-Light Pedestrian Detection at Harman-Samsung.

Abstract: In this session we are going to be introduced to the following topics :-
- Challenges of conventional Deep Learning approaches
- Using One Shot Learning and Distant Supervision, when data is not labelled much
- Using TF-Hub and Tensorflow-2.0 to do Object Localization
- Combining Supervised and unsupervised learning approaches for better Object Search.
- Overview of practical applications of such techniques for Recommendation and Personalization at scale

Speaker 2: Shashank Barki

Topic: GCP Intro with Cloud SQL

Designation: Data Analyst

Bio: Shashank is a Senior principal data engineer in Manhattan associates and has 13 years of industry experience as developer, cloud architect and data analyst.

Abstract: In this session we will be going through three important topics:-
- GCP Architecture
- GCP Benefits
- Cloud SQL

Speaker 3: Santosh Vutukuri

Topic: Optimization, Experimentation and Estimation in AI

Designation: Data Scientist

Bio: Santosh is a passionate executive in building next generation products that imbibe intelligence, is among one of the top performers at CBA from ISB Hyderabad. He is an adjunct faculty in the area of various Analytics stack from Business Intelligence through AI / ML His expertise in Advanced Microsoft Excel is appreciated by various industry experts at multiple Data Science conferences. He is well known in industry for his outstanding BI and Visualization skills.

In this session we will be going through three important areas of data science which go beyond technical knowledge, specifically:-
- Optimization Using Microsoft Excel,
- Design of Experiments
- Estimations in AI


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