Google Developer Roadshow MENA 2019 - OMAN

GDG Muscat
Sat, Mar 16, 2019, 8:00 AM (GMT+4)

About this event

The Google Developers Roadshow (GDR) MENA is a series of interactive conferences, Tech Talks, Hands-on, Workshops, codelabs, hackathon & competitions (With prizes & Swag!), & certificates, providing the latest updates on Google technologies and open platforms for developers and industry leaders.

GDR will be held throughout the year at various cities in the Middle East and North Africa. It will be held in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and for the first time it will be held in Oman.

The speakers:
1) Salim Abid - Google Developers Ecosystem Regional: MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

2) Rayan Al Zahab - Google Developer Expert; BambooGeeks Founder, GDG Coast Lebanon Lead, Women Techmaker Lead, Dubai GDG & Cloud GDG Lead.

3) Abdelrahman Omran: A proficient Software Architect, and part of the ecosystem team working on empowering the communities to have more impact, be scalable, and self-sustainable.

4) Ahmed Abu El Dahab: Google Developer Expert, FlutterEgypt founder & community lead.

5) Ahmed Shobhy: Founder & CEO of @xiotco

Seating is limited, so Apply ASAP.

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