Third of 2017: Higher-Order Functions in Go / general-purpose work queue

GDG Munich Gophers
Thu, Jun 1, 2017, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are ready to kick with a new cool event on June 1st. 

Please send us your proposals. We still open for speakers: one can bring a lighting talk on a small hack or bring a full-blown talk on anything related to Golang!


Higher-Order Functions in Go - Stefan Hans

The talk shows some pattern of functional programming in Go from a beginners point of view. Actually, the talk is rather influenced by Scala. But a more Go oriented "Functional Streaming" part is planned.

Stefan Hans was working never officially as a developer but developing ever since he started working IT in the late-Nineties. After the announcement of the outsourcing of his workplace to an IT service company, he reoriented himself and caught up on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, big data, and IoT. Checking out a modern general-purpose language he put his main focus from Scala to Go and was writing his first Go code last February being an enthusiastic Go fan ever since.

Beanstalkg - Yet another fast, general-purpose work queue - Vimukthi Wickramasinghe

The talk is a personal open source project in Go, Beanstalkg. The goal of the project is to rewrite Beanstalkd, a very popular open source work queue while also supporting high availability and failover built in. 

Vimukthis experience primarily is in the financial industry working as Java backend developer. But he has been writing Go code on and off for various personal projects since 2012. He never contributed any open source code in Go until last year when he developed a client library for his employer. He loves writing Go and guarantees that there's more to come.

More information TBA. Stay tuned!