Summer Meetup

GDG Munich Gophers
Thu, Aug 22, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We're proud to announce our Summer Meetup at Sixt!

Do you have something to share at the meetup? We still have a speaker slot left - happy for everyone that wants to contribute.

Summer Meetup Agenda

Talk 1: The journey to automatic dependency injection in Go

Dependency Injection is a language-agnostic approach to building well designed and testable code. In many dynamically typed languages, dependency injection can easily be automated to provide a platform for rapid application development, but runtime automatic dependency injection has it’s drawbacks. Go makes automatic DI more of a challenge; powerful languages require powerful tooling and Go is no exception.

In this talk we will explore some novel (read: extremely hacky) approaches to automatic dependency injection, from traversing the AST and the challenges and magic of runtime DI with a custom solution through to generating factories for compile-time DI with google’s wire library and beyond.

James is a polyglot Software Engineer and Technical Lead with experience across multiple languages, and has most recently gained a large interest in Go whilst leading a team at Sixt to deliver a new set of Go microservices. He has given conference talks in seven different countries internationally on topics such as SOLID, Software Architecture, Realtime Communication, Distributed Systems and Leadership and is enjoying working with Go both during working hours and on side-projects at home.

Talk X: Feel free to reach out!

You've dived into certain topics on GO, but ask yourself if others have had a different experience? Why not have a talk about it and get great inputs!