October Gophers: Drivers in Go; GCP apps; go1.11 modules

GDG Munich Gophers
Thu, Oct 18, 2018, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

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SLOT1: Writing a driver for a digital signal synthesizer array - Bodo Kaiser

Nowadays, hardware libraries like gobot.io and periph.io make it very simple to use low-level interfaces in Go. In this talk I want to share my experiences from the development of a digital signal synthesis array driver and its use in our setup for ultra cold atom experiments.

SLOT2: Memes in the Cloud – Building a full-stack app with Golang and Google Cloud Platform in one week - Felix Raab

The talk will cover how to effectively build a production-ready, full-stack app with Golang and GCP in a short amount of time. I'll discuss how to approach making quick and sound technical decisions and how to apply modern software engineering practices for end-to-end apps. The presentation shows, in an opinionated and "meme-ful" way, various lessons learned, tools, and key takeaways for cloud environments.

SLOT3: go1.11 - dependency management and modules out of the box - Dmitry Savintsev

go1.11 recently introduced a brand new way of managing Go dependencies - go.mod file and related support built into the 'go' tool itself. The talk will describe the new mechanism and how to start using it, compare it with currently existing tools such as dep and glide, and share experiences of migrating codebases and CI builds to Go modules.

We are actively looking for speakers! Please approach me if you are interested to present either a talk of 40 min or just a lightning talk of 10-20 min