June Meetup @Google

GDG Munich Gophers
Thu, Jun 6, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Join us for the June edition of the Munich Gophers Meetup at Google.

• Talk 1: The Story of How and Why Uber is Using Go (Lena Morozova, Uber - Live from San Francisco, Thanks @Lena!)
• Talk 2: GoLand: Behind the Scenes (Artem Khvastunov, Jetbrains)

Agenda: TBD:

About The Speakers:

Lena Morozova from Uber will tell the story of how Go went from being used by a few enthusiastic developers at Uber to becoming the most popular language for microservices in use there. She'll talk about how they started and why they decided to use Go.

Some of the tips she'll address include:
• Dependency injection
• Consistent code structure
• Custom solutions: Fx and Glue
• Monorepo

Come learn where they failed and how that led them to solutions that they think are pretty darn neat.

Lena Morozova is a software engineer at the Go Platform Team at Uber where she works on Uber's Go ecosystem and wants to make Go experience more enjoyable at Uber. She is a co-organizer of the Women Who Go San Francisco meetup. She is excited about Go, hiking, and dancing.

Artem Khvastunov from Jetbrains will give us a behind-the-scenes look into GoLand. We live in a rapidly changing world. Every year Apple releases new macOS, Google ships Go once in six months, every five seconds Boeing 737 departs or lands, and once in a second a new JS framework appears or dies. It's a challenge to promptly adapt to all the changes and preserve quality at the same time. In this talk, I'll speak about processes and tools GoLand team uses to release a new version of the IDE every four months.

Some quick facts about Artem:
- Software developer at JetBrains
- Works on GoLand for more than a year
- Previously worked on PhpStorm
- Loves outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and snowboarding
- Lives in Munich, Germany