Building robots using Go; Going deep with Go crawling

GDG Munich Gophers
Wed, May 30, 2018, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

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SLOT1: Building robots using Go - Johannes Engelke

The Programming language GO is a pretty good fit for IoT-Applications. Go-Applications haveing a small foot print and can be compiled for different Processor Architectures and Operating Systems. Beside that offers Go an efficient concurrency model. This allows a simple integration with sensors and aktors.

As part of this talk I will show, how to solve IoT-Problems with go and the Gobot framework.

SLOT2: In to deep - how to use go to crawl the WWW - Korbinian Döpper and Robert Schmalholz

Go's concurrency patterns assist a developer in processing multiple tasks at a time. By building a tiny web crawler, we will provide some insights in how to use go's concurrency patterns. Furthermore, we will present common pitfalls when working with goroutines and channels.

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As always, we are super happy to have you with a lightning talk on your small or big successes, open source projects or just something amazing you would like to share.