GDG M'sila
Apr 11 - 19, 10:45 AM (CET)

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About this event

SahraDev is a series of educational lessons and workshops focused on technology and business, offered by experts and specialists in these fields. The events are held on the eve of Ramadan after Taraweeh prayers, providing an opportunity for attendees to learn new techniques and develop their skills. SahraDev is a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their knowledge and expertise in technology and entrepreneurship. The format of offering sessions and workshops in the evenings allows for flexibility and convenience for participants. Overall, SahraDev it's a well-regarded and useful resource for those interested in technology and business. 



  • Mohmed El Ghazali Sediki

    Mohmed El Ghazali Sediki

    CyberSecurity Analyst , Data science

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  • Chergui Abde Nnour

    Chergui Abde Nnour

    GDG M'sila


  • Amine Abdellaoui

    Amine Abdellaoui

    GDG M'sila