Google I/O Extended 2021

GDG Montreal
Sat, Jun 12, 2021, 12:30 PM (EDT)

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Exploring Jetpack Compose Canvas 🎨

by Julien Salvi, Aircall

In this session, we are going to explore the Jetpack Compose Canvas and its capabilities. Let’s see the different ways of drawing custom shapes with Jetpack Compose: exploring the Canvas Composable and its APIs, building custom Shape or overriding the canvas of any existing Composable. Then, we’ll see how we can animate the shapes we drawn and how you can access the native Android canvas to bring your existing shapes to life with Jetpack Compose.

Google IO Flutter new features

by Louis-Philippe Papineau, Flutter Mapp

New features on Flutter 2.2 [Null safety on default / Payments and monetizations / flutter flow / Material You]

Benchmark et MacroBenchmark

by Boris Dubois, Transit

Details to come

Flutter Tips for Productivity and Learning

by Roman Jaquez, Philips

In this talk, Roman Jaquez, a seasoned Flutter Developer with several published apps on the App Store and Google Play, as well as being a GDG NorthEast Mentor and GDG Lawrence Organizer, will share with us useful tips both for people new to Flutter embarking on their Flutter-learning journey and experienced Flutter developers to make them more productive

Google I/O 2021 for Android Developer Recap

by Etienne Caron, Consultant

Google I/O 2021 is behind us and has left us with a ton of new information to look at. In this session, I’ll share what caught my attention as an Android developer.

We’ll cover subjects like Android 12, Jetpack Compose, upcoming changes in Material Design, new features with Dev Tools, the Android Wear announcements, improvements to ARCore, and what’s new with Firebase.

Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Platforms with Flutter

by Paul Ruiz, Google

As developers, it’s not uncommon that we will need to create complex apps that run on multiple platforms, either as separate apps for each platform, or using cross-platform tools. While it’s easy enough to say “just build it with Flutter!”, this talk will introduce you to how you can add Flutter into your existing apps, some of the available tools for supporting multiple operating systems with Flutter, and how to reuse some of your already written native components.

Why Everyone Needs CI/CD and How to Make It Easy

by Scott Stoll,

Many individuals and small teams think CI/CD is complicated takes too much effort and costs a lot, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll take a look at how CI/CD saves more work and time than it takes, and how to get up your pipeline up and running in under ten minutes!

Flutter UX: Material State Properties

by Neevash Ramdial, Stream

Over the years, Flutter has evolved from being a cross-platform mobile framework to a fully-fledged portable UI toolkit available on multiple operating systems and platforms.

For businesses, this is great since they can ship applications on multiple platforms and reach more users, but for us developers, it leaves us asking the question, How do I handle and respond to interaction on different platforms?

Join us as we explore Flutter’s Material State properties and look at how it can help us respond to user interaction on multiple platforms.



Saturday, Jun 12
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM (EDT)