An Introduction to Building Apps for the Google Assistant

GDG Milton Keynes
Sat, Aug 3, 2019, 10:00 AM (BST)

About this event

This combined talk and workshop will start at the beginners level on Building Apps for the Google Assistant.

Starting from an introductory level, you will gain an understanding of the basic concepts and consider use cases while getting hands on experience in practical workshops in this and succeeding sessions.

It begins with the Talk
Zero to App: Introduction to Building Apps for the Google Assistant

Actions on Google is an exciting way to interact with your users through the Google Assistant. It provides a conversational interface between you and your user, and these are simple to build with Dialogflow.
Not sure how to start developing your very first Action on Google?
Not to worry, in this talk, we’ll cover everything from understanding the business use cases and the high level voice user interface (VUI) design best practices to implementation, testing, and, finally, publishing your app. By the end of this session, you should have a better understanding of the Assistant service ecosystem and how to get started.

We then move to a Workshop
Google Assistant Development 101: Foundation Hands-On Workshop

Actions on Google is a new, exciting developer platform that lets you extend the functionality of the Google Assistant across over 1 billion devices, including smart speakers, displays, phones, cars, TVs, watches, headphones, and more.
Curious about how to start developing your very first Action on Google? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build Google Assistant apps using Dialogflow and Firebase, test, and, finally, publish them. We’ll also explore the necessary concepts of voice user interface (VUI) and best practices for implementing Actions on Google that give users high-quality conversational experiences.

This is a 2.5 hour training
10:00 am: Registration and refreshments
10:15 am: Talk - Zero to App: Introduction to Building Apps for the Google Assistant
10:45 am: Break
11:00 am: Google Assistant Development 101: Foundation Hands-On Workshop
12:30 pm: Workshop close

At the end of this 2.5 hours training, you will be able to:
Understand why you should consider Building Apps for the Google Assistant for yourself or your company.
Get hands-on practice with the Google Assistant platform covering fundamental tools and services.

You will come in with little or no prior cloud knowledge, and come out with practical experience that you can apply to your first Google Assistant project.
Application​ ​developers, Web Developers,​ ​Cloud​ ​Solutions Architects,​ ​DevOps​ ​Engineers,​ ​IT managers.
Individuals​ ​thinking about creative new ​solutions​ ​or​ ​to​ ​integrate existing​ ​systems, application environments,​​​ ​and​ ​infrastructure​ ​with the​ ​Google​ ​Cloud​ ​Platform.

As an attendee, we recommend that you meet these prerequisites:
Assumes little to no prior knowledge in cloud computing or with the Google Assistant or Actions on Google. It is expected that you will have an information technology or computing background, and have some hands-on familiarity with computing systems. Bring your personal (not work) laptop and charger.

Your trainer
Dr. Aygul Zagidullina is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Assistant based in London, UK. Her work experience includes Google, Todoist, MotaWord. She holds a PhD in quantum chemistry and prior to Google dedicated 6 years to scientific research at the University of Stuttgart. Aygul is a very active member of the London digital ecosystem and has been involved in many innovative projects. She is a Google Developer Group (GDG) London lead, Google Women Techmakers (WTM) London ambassador, Google Launchpad mentor, Google Product Expert (PE), Google Trusted Tester (TT), London lead, Women in Voice (WiV) London lead, and UK STEM Ambassador (Code Club and CoderDojo mentor, Devoxx4Kids UK co-organizer). She was named as one of The NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry in 2013.