Kotlin/Everywhere Milano 2019

GDG Milano
Wed, Nov 27, 2019, 6:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

This is a series of community-led events, where you can learn the essentials and best practices of Kotlin in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multi-platform development.

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Call for speaker: https://sessionize.com/kotlineverywhere-milano-2019

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Kotlin in 2019 by Pietro Maggi - Android Developer Advocate @Google
ENGLISH - Level: Intermediate

Abstract: for most developers who used Kotlin, their experience started on mobile with Android when the official support was announced in 2017. Since then, the language has evolved and its support has continuously improved. In this presentation, I will talk about the current state of Kotlin on Android but also on other platforms and a preview of its future.
Tags: Kotlin/JVM - Android - Back-end
Flipping the Koin by Roberto Orgiu - Android Engineer @NYTimes
ENGLISH - Level: Advanced

Abstract: dependency Injection is a must in modern mobile applications, and on Android has always meant Dagger. With code generation and a bunch of magic tricks under the hood, it has imposed as the standard de facto for this duty on the green robot. But recently several challengers stood up and asked for a trial by (figurative) combat. One in particular looks much easier than Dagger, but will it be able to compete? Join us to a side by side comparison between Dagger and Koin, we’ll dive into what is good and what is not so good, and you’ll be the one to decide if it is time to flip the coin.
Tags: Kotlin/JVM - Android
Coroutines and Flow integration with Android Architecture Components by Paolo Rotolo - Android Developer @Wideverse
ITALIAN - Level: Overview

Abstract: we'll learn together what Coroutines are and how they're changing the way Android Developers are writing code. Then, we will explore the world of Architecture Components, learning how ViewModel, LiveData, WorkManager and Room can integrate with Kotlin language features like Coroutines and Flow, making the development of an app architecture easier than ever. We'll also have some `fun` converting old callbacks in the Andoird framework to Kotlin suspend functions!
Tags: Android