Laser Tag with Sharks with Lasers!

GDG Miami
Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 10:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

Get ready to play laser tag, with sharks, with frickin lasers attached to their heads!

As shark week (and summer) begin to come to a close, I thought it would be a lot of fun to work on a project that involved sharks, and what better hardware to go with sharks than laser?!? Couldn't think of anything better either....except for maybe laser tag!

Join us this month as we build autonomous rovers, with sharks and lasers, and have go at it in a (hopefully epic) laser tag battle.

We'll walk through step by step on building one of these rovers with an Arduino UNO, the code involved in order to get up and running, detecting and working with IR emitters and receivers, and a lot more!

It's sure to beam up to a whole a lot of fun! Hope to you there!

Here is the repo for the workshop: feel free to download the code and check it out!

Quick announcement: Contest on Hackster using & MATRIX! Join the contest and possibly pick up free hardware (for the best 20 ideas submitted)

And one more thing! Huge shoutout to General Provision for allowing us to use their space for this workshop!

General Provision is a private club where Fort Lauderdale’s most inspiring humans come to gather, connect, and build. Our “anything-but-basic” locations have all of the physical provisions of a modern workspace, but exist as a safe place for our creative and founder community to learn, grow, and accelerate. Our members receive unlimited Well’s coffee in our private coffee shop, free massages, free meals, free beer on tap, free yoga sessions, and access to member-only events.
To set up a tour you can either check out the link below or email [masked].