Enter the Matrix Creator

GDG Miami
Sat, Jun 29, 2019, 10:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

Get ready for a very special workshop! We'll be joined by MATRIX Labs and go hands-on with the MATRIX Creator.

Do you ever wish you could hot swap your Amazon Echo for a Google Home? What if you could automate your home with minimal investment? Maybe even voice-control a robot? We can show you how using our development boards, the MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice. You can use these boards to easily prototype, and create projects for your home, classroom, or just for fun!

This workshop will go over how to leverage the power of MATRIX devices by accessing sensors, setting LEDs, reading microphone data, and adding components with a simple API. Additionally, we will walk through how to create an offline voice assistant using MATRIX devices, and Snips.ai so you can control your hardware project with voice.

About the Hardware:
The MATRIX Creator comes already packed with 15 sensors to work with, along with an 8 microphone array, 35-LED ring, microcontroller, and FPGA, with room for additional components. This enables it to serve as a versatile prototyping tool that can be programmed using a Raspberry Pi.

The MATRIX Voice comes with an 8-microphone array, 18-LED ring, an FPGA, has GPIOs for component add-ons, and has the option to come with a WiFi/BT microcontroller that enables it to run standalone without a Raspberry Pi.

Here are some resources that you can checkout beforehand:
- MATRIX Website: https://www.matrix.one/
- MATRIX documentation: https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/
- MATRIX Community Forum: https://community.matrix.one/
- MATRIX Projects: https://www.hackster.io/matrix-labs/projects
- MATRIX GitHub: https://github.com/matrix-io

This should be a lot of fun and there may even some special giveaways! Hope to see everyone there!