Code sharing with Kotlin (JVM / JS / Native)

GDG Miami
Thu, Feb 22, 2018, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

• What we'll do
In this talk, Marco Ferrer will cover the principle of "Write once, target many" using Kotlin's multi-platform projects.

We will start by setting up a new multi-platform project. Once set up, we will tackle how to write our common business logic in a platform agnostic way. Finally, we will compile our common code for our target platforms, and show how to include it in a platform-specific way. In addition, we will review a full multi-platform example app by JetBrains. This example will depict the power of sharing code between Android, JVM Backend, and iOS.

• What to bring
Attendees wishing to follow along in the demo should bring a laptop with any Kotlin supporting IDE of their choice. Since Kotlin multiplatform is still in beta, the latest version of IntelliJ Idea is recommended because of its bundled support for Kotlin multiplatform.

• Important to know