Women Techmakers International Women's Day 2021

Women Techmakers Melbourne brings to you an International Women's Day event in partnership with GDG Melbourne. This year we are celerating the theme "Courage to Create".

Mar 24, 2021, 7:00 – 10:00 AM


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About this event

Women Techmakers Melbourne is proud to present to you International Women's Day. This event is in partnership with GDG Melbourne, GDG Adelaide, GDG Perth, GDG Cloud Sydney and GDG Cloud Brisbane.

This year with our theme "Courage to Create", we celebrate the incredible strength and power that women have shown in the face of adversity. We recognise the tremendous challenges over the past year, especially for women, from dealing with COVID to broader issues of racial justice and human rights. However, we remain hopeful about the future and believe that together our community can create positive change throughout the world.

• Agenda •

5:30-5:40 - Introduction, meet & greet

5:40-6:10 - Talk: It's not a pipeline problem: a short history of women in tech and automated bias [Dr. Nicky Ringland - Product Manager at Google]

6:10-6:40 - Talk: What you can do to inspire the next generation of young women in technology [Teresa Janowski - CEO and Founder of STEM Fast Track]

6:40-6:55 - Discussion: Courage to ask the right questions to your stakeholders [Dr. Eunice Sari - CEO and Co-founder of UX Indonesia & Lovee Jain - Software Developer at Ballarat City Council]

6:55-7:00 - Swag, feedback & wrap up!

[All timings as per GMT+11]

• About our speakers •

>>Dr. Nicky Ringland - Product Manager @ Google

Dr. Nicky Ringland passionately supports and manages her team at Google. Besides working at Google, she is also the co-Founder of Grok Learning & Founder of Girls' Programming Network. Dr. Nicky has a strong desire to improve STEM education for students. She has developed an educational program that enables students to learn how to code. Dr. Nicky Ringland completed her PhD in natural language processing and computational linguistics from the University of Sydney.

>>Teresa Janowski - CEO and Founder @ STEM Fast Track.

Teresa is an enthusiastic and intelligent engineer who has pioneered the way to support young girls in their STEM careers. She has developed a fantastic and award-winning STEM Sista program to empower other women and young girls.

>> Dr. Eunice Sari - CEO and Co-Founder @ UX Indonesia (Indonesia) + Customer Experience Insight Pty Ltd (Australia).

Dr. Eunice Sari has more than 15 years of experience in academia and the industry. She can come up with sophisticated ideas that will add value and benefit to the organisation and stakeholders. Dr. Eunice has successfully helped many businesses undergo digital transformations and UX projects across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Dr. Eunice was appointed as the Honorary University Fellow from Charles Darwin University (Australia).

>> Lovee Jain - Software Developer @ Ballarat City Council.

Lovee is an astute developer who loves collaborating and meeting new people. She has played her role as a GDG Melbourne Co-organiser, Women Techmakers Ambassador and speaker at many events. Lovee is confident in working with different team cultures and is keen to undertake any task presented with a robust work ethic. She enjoys mastering her user experience (UX), design, development, marketing, and analytics skills . One day she hopes to become a product manager and utilise her managerial and leadership skills that she has developed from her past experiences.

• Code of Conduct •

All attendees are asked to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct ( http://bit.ly/GDG_CoC )


If you have any questions, please use the email above or reach out to a GDG Melbourne Organiser on slack. If you cannot attend for the above reasons, don't worry, we will be recording talks and will upload them to our youtube channel. This event is for all genders.


  • Teresa Janowski

    STEM Fast Track

    CEO and Founder


  • Katie Barnett


    GDE Android / GDG Organiser

  • Suesi Tran


    Senior Flutter Developer

  • Maksim Lin


    Software Engineer

  • Poornima Sivakumar

    GDG Organiser

  • Lovee Jain


    GDG Organiser

  • Zach Jensz

    GDG Organiser

  • Ujjawal Raj

    GDG Organiser

  • Bramley Turner-Jones

    GDG Organiser

  • Yuba Raj (UV) Panta


    GDG Cloud Organiser

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