GDG Melbourne & GDSC Monash - Revolution in Large Language Models & How You Can Build Apps With It

Google Melbourne, 161 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Learn how to build applications using Large Language Models like GPT, Flan-20B and frameworks Langchain and Llama Index.

Apr 13, 2023, 8:00 – 10:00 AM


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Large Language Models (LLMs) are developing at an ever increasing speed. Along with ChatGPT, GPT-4 & Bard, multiple other semi open source models have come out with different training regimes and datasets. In this talk Sam will recap the best of the models and the techniques that set them apart from what has come before.

With both open source models ( such as Flan-20B with UL2) and the PaLM APIs coming to GCP, Google is very much on board with the LLM revolution. In the 2nd part of the talk Sam will focus on the best practices for building apps on top of LLMs and LLM APIs with frameworks such as Langchain and Llama Index which make it much easier and add a variety of tools for API, Reasoning and Prompt Engineering as addons to LLM apps.

Sam Witteveen was one of the first Google Developer Experts for Machine Learning appointed in the world. He has extensive experience in AI & startups with publications at multiple ML Conferences such as NeurIPS & EMNLP. Sam is passionate about Deep Learning and AI in the fields of Natural Language Processing, LLMs, Conversational AI and Generative Modeling. He regularly shares his knowledge at events and conferences across the world and has spoken at events such as AI Day Asia, TensorFlow World, Naver’s Startup Factory and many other events for Google in Korea, San Francisco, New York & across Asia. Sam is also a key mentor for Google’s Startup Accelerator in the APAC and North America regions.

How to find us:

Enter from Collins St, and head up to level 1. The lifts should be unlocked until 7pm. Please arrive on time as once the talks begin, you may not be admitted into the venue.

If you have any issues, look out for our team members or message on meetup or on Slack, and we'll come to get you.



Thursday, April 13, 2023
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM UTC


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    Senior Flutter Developer

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    Software Engineer

  • Poornima Sivakumar

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