Unravelling CPUs and writing your first Emulator!

GDG Manama
Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

Speaker: Ameen Altajer

In this session, we'll go through a fantastic journey to understand how microprocessors are designed and built from the ground up.

We'll start with the history of how the microprocessor became the beast we all know and love today, whether you're an Intel or an AMD fan, it's a must to understand what humans have been through to really appreciate what the transistor has brought to mankind and how it became the most important key in our the digital revolution.

Before we finish, we'll write an emulator to the very basic CHIP8 processor so you can understand how emulators work internally, we'll also see how real emulators (like Nintendo's NES, Sony's PS2 and PS3) work from the inside and we'll look at few good examples of some of the most impressive homebrew CPUs out there.

Join us in an adventure to unravel how computers exactly work, see the magic that powers up your beloved laptop! If you know a bit of programming you'll definitely enjoy this session.