Exploring TensorFlow's Source Code (Arabic)

GDG Manama
Thu, Oct 8, 2020, 8:00 PM (GMT+3)

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About this event

Google's TensorFlow is super popular among machine learning engineers, now that the entry barrier has been lowered significantly. With the integration of the Keras framework/API under the Tensorflow 2.0 flagship, it's a matter of putting lego parts using the very-friendly, all-loving, Python.

However, if we're being honest, we'll have to acknowledge that Tensorflow is a heterogeneous beast. Its architecture has different components with different languages.

In this session, we'll have a look at how TensorFlow works: we'll check out its source code, API, and some language wrappers. We'll also use TensorFlow flow in different languages, and that's to see things outside of your typical Python lens. We will get introduced to TensorFlow Ops, Kernels, and the most critical C++ bits.

Join me to understand how Tensorflow works, understand the tool better.



Thursday, Oct 8
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (+03)