Virtual Reality Evening

GDG Malta
Thu, Jul 13, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Join us for an evening full of events related to the latest trends in Virtual Reality. The evening will kick off with a brief talk about the Transfer of Traditional User Exeperience to VR. This will then be followed with a selection of demos and experiments related to VR in a networking environment.

Transferring Traditional UX to VR:

Have you ever thought what it really means to design for a 3D world? While we do it all the time in our physical world by designing posters, billboards, TV adverts and even websites or mobile apps, we still have a lot to learn in order to transfer our skills to the virtual 3D world. This talk will explore Google’s latest methodologies for designing for Virtual Reality and how we can translate traditional UI design to the virtual 3D world. Following the talk, there will be a networking session and demos of a variety of Virtual Reality applications. These demos include VR applications in Heritage, behind the scenes of 360-video filming and a VR-based user research experiment.

The talk will be delivered by Dylan Seychell, a resident academic at St Martin’s Institute of Higher Education and the Lead of Malta’s Google Developers Group. Mr Seychell is a researcher and software engineer specialising in Computer Vision and UX Design.