WORKSHOP: Build our first AMP web application

GDG Madrid
Thu, Jan 16, 2020, 7:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

Fellyph Cintra came from Ireland to make us an exclusive workshop. Don't miss this unique opportunity!!

The result of our workshop (2H) we are going to build our first AMP web application with interactive components.

This workshop is focused on web development with AMP, Our initial application is a recipe website, we will convert an HTML application in an interactive AMP application, if you never used AMP before don't worry, at this workshop, we are going to start from the basics to an intermediate level.

Primally, we will understand why we should use AMP and what are key points from the platform. Later we are going to do some hands-on, It means if possible bring your laptop to follow the excises, we will see the steps necessary to convert a regular HTML page in an AMP page and understand and use AMP components.

Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?
Starting our journey
Validation and AMP Cache
Exercise 1: Using AMP Validator
The anatomy of an AMP Page
Exercise 2: Converting our HTML Solution
Web Components
Exercise 3: First Components
Exercise 4: Embedding Video
Exercise 5: Creating an image SlideShow
Exercise 6: Building a slide menu
Close remarks

BIO: Fellyph Cintra is a Front-end developer. Based in Ireland and he works at Deloitte Digital, The last year He has been promoting a digital transformation at the public sector, passionated for web performance, accessibility and SEO. His first job as a Front-end was in 2006 since then so much happened he worked with different technologies but something that never changed, he always was involved supporting local developer communities, because he believes communities are tools of integration and social development. And 2019 he received the title of Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies in recognition of it.