Generative AI Coding Tools

Challenges, use cases and evaluations of various Gen AI coding assistance tools via live coding demos

Mar 21, 11:00 PM – Mar 22, 1:00 AM


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Over the last two years, the tech sector has witnessed an explosion of Generative AI tooling intended to help you accelerate development and become a more effective engineer. These tools claim they can transform your DevEx (Developer Experience), with statements like, "Copilot can help you code 55% faster!". As Gen AI tools continue to evolve, how can you apply them in your engineering practice to gain their benefits? How will you handle the challenges that come with these tools, including knowing the right problems to apply them to, measuring their success and managing their cost? 

"This talk will cover several Gen AI coding assistance tools, including how these tools are used and demonstrate their key features with live coding examples. I'll provide considerations to make when selecting and using these tools in your engineering practice. Through the demonstrations, I'll provide my opinions on where these tools can help you and where they fall short of expectations. I hope that after attending the talk, you'll gain a better understanding of what these tools have to offer and how they can be helpful to you when writing your own application code."


  • Michael Hoffman

    nvisia LLC

    Technical Director


  • Naveen VK

    nvisia LLC

    Technical Director

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