Firebase - hot sauce for your web apps

GDG Lviv
Thu, Nov 1, 2018, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

GDG&Women Techmakers Lviv team is very pleased to invite You to our Firebase meetup+workshop with Googler!

Alex Sandu Astrum, Software engineer at Google, will talk about cool things you can do in your web apps using Firebase!

"Firebase - hot sauce for your web apps"

Tickets are here: !

•We'll discover the best Firebase has to offer to web developers.
•From Hosting & Storage to Realtime DB & Cloud Functions, we're there to make dev & ops cycles easier.
•In the 2nd part of the meet-up, we'll build a cool webapp from scratch, showcasing how awesome Firebase might just be.

All you'll need is your favorite JavaScript/TypeScript/nodejs stack and a bit of Firebase magic❤️

18:45-19:00 - registration
19:00-19:10 - welcome from organizes
19:10-19:40 - presentation
19:40-20:00 - coffee break
20:00-20:40 - workshop
20:40 - networking

What do you need to attend workshop?

- a text editor (Alex prefers VSCode),
- a Google account (any would work)
- Firebase CLI (needs nodeJS):

Tickets are here: !

Stay tuned and save a date!