Let's watch The Power and Peril of Artificial Intelligence

GDG Los Angeles
Thu, May 19, 2022, 12:00 PM (PDT)

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About this event

Anne Griffin, an expert in AI, blockchain, and inclusivity will be discussing real-life examples of what goes wrong when we build technology without considering the potential for harmful outcomes. You will learn about algorithms, which are integrated into the systems we interact with daily. Anne will talk about communities that have been affected by AI applications, as well as what some organizations are doing to increase transparency in the field. Plus, stick around for Q&A!


Introductions (5 mins)

Fireside chat (40 mins)

Q&A session (15 mins)

About Anne Griffin:

Anne is a product leader, a startup advisor, and subject matter expert in AI, blockchain, tech ethics, and inclusivity. She has lectured at prestigious universities across North America such as Columbia University, West Point, the University of Montreal, and Morgan State University, spoken at major events such as SXSW, and created courses for O’Reilly Media. You can also listen to her takes on AI, blockchain, and other technologies on the YouTube Original series, RetroTech, with Marquees Brownlee, and podcasts such as Blockchain Won’t Save the World and Let’s Chat Ethics.

She has built her career in tech over the last decade working with organizations such as Priceline, Microsoft, Comcast, Mercedes-Benz, and ConsenSys, the premiere blockchain software technology company on the Ethereum blockchain. Anne continues to work with and research the practical human aspects of technology and building products with emerging and disruptive technologies.

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