Hackanosis: Optimizing Patient Experience

GDG Los Angeles
Aug 14 - Sep 14, 9:00 AM (PDT)

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About this event

Are you a software developer hungry for a challenge? Today, we invite you to help bring H:OPE to healthcare.

This August, OpenText™, in partnership with HackerEarth, is excited to host Hackanosis: Optimizing Patient Experience, a virtual hackathon designed to highlight your innovative potential. And yes, there are prizes to be won! The Hackathon will begin on August 14th till Sep 15, 2023.

Healthcare stands at a crossroads, grappling with the need for improved information sharing and robust data analysis. Patients and doctors are struggling with suboptimal communication, impairing the experience for both. We believe it’s time for a solution - and we want you to create it.

We have identified five major areas ripe for hacking:

Integration of healthcare and patient information for doctors

Embedding accessibility into healthcare solutions

Transforming information capture

Data analysis and presentation in doctor portals

PHI and PII protection in patient data collection

OpenText and Google have opened up an array of APIs and resources for this event, including Google healthcare APIs and Google Device APIs. There may even be tutorials available to help you harness these tools. As you tackle these challenges, you’ll be guided by insights from healthcare industry experts, fostering an enriching learning experience.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leverage these technologies to improve remote patient support. Your solution should provide simple, innovative ways for doctors to send and receive information that enables them to accurately diagnose patients remotely and initiate treatment quickly.

If you are ready to lead the way and shape smarter healthcare, we invite you to register for the Hackanosis virtual hackathon via the following link: https://hacknosis.hackerearth.com/

Join us as we bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, pioneering a healthier future for all.