Kotlin/Everywhere London - Workshop - Refactoring to Kotlin

GDG London
Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 6:30 PM (BST)

About this event

This event is part of Kotlin/Everywhere event series.

- This particular event is about Refactoring to Kotlin.

- You should already be familiar with Java before attending this event.

- What you need to install before attending the event >> Android Studio OR Intellij.

Event schedule :
18:00 Networking & Food
18:30 Welcome - Gen Ashley, GDG London Lead
18:35 Quick Into to Kotlin - Florina Muntenescu, Google
19:00 - 20:00 Refactoring to Kotlin codelab which will be led by Florina Muntenescu, Google and Busra Deniz Akin, Senior Software Engineer, The App Business. We also have volunteer coach Burcu Yalcinkaya, Senior Android Engineer, Tide Banking

The codelab can be found here >> https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/java-to-kotlin/#0.

Join us to learn the essentials and best practices of Kotlin in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multi-platform development.

What is Kotlin?
Kotlin is a modern and statically typed programming language targeting the JVM, Android, JavaScript & Native that will boost your productivity and increase your developer happiness.

Why Attend The Event?
Whether you’re a mobile developer learning Kotlin to build your first Android app, or you develop web applications and are looking for a modern, safe language to use in both your server-side code and the frontend, we've got you covered.


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