I/O Extended UK & Ireland (July 27-29)

GDG London
Jul 27 - 29, 2021, 6:00 PM (BST)

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About this event

If you missed Google I/O (or even if you were there), come join us for I/O Extended UK & Ireland. The magic of I/O doesn’t end after the main event.

Google I/O Extended is online, and free for everyone!  I/O Extended UK & Ireland connects developers from the Uk & Ireland for thoughtful discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a look at Google’s latest developer products.

*** UPDATE - GO here to view the broadcasts on Day 1, 2, 3 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAj2rWo6S8Vbovya0eX6oA ***

There will be 9 separate tracks and 30 speakers, spread over 3 evenings (so there is something for everyone!)

- Cloud
- DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
- Firebase
- Flutter
- Mobile/Android
- Web

The schedule of each track is as follows -

Tuesday, July 27 - AI/ML, Flutter, Cloud

Wednesday, July 28 - AR/VR, Firebase, Web

Thursday, July 29 - DEI, Mobile/Android, UI/UX

Check out the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Agenda below. We have a number of Googlers, Google Dev Experts and speakers from different communities lined up.

See you at the event!

Day 1 - Tuesday, July 27 - AI/ML, Flutter, Cloud

6:00 PM: ALL TRACKS - Intro/Welcome

AI/ML Track

6:15 PM: Keras Design Patterns
6:45 PM: Explainable AI beyond SHAP
7:15 PM: AI Based Analytics in the Cloud

Flutter Track

6:15 PM: Coolest things happening in Flutter
6:45 PM: Rocket-speed production with Firebase & Flutter
7:15 PM: Reusing Your Code on Multiple Platforms with Flutter

Cloud Track

6:15 PM: The facets of bringing various languages to developer workshops and the languages we choose
6:45 PM: Getting the most out of the cloud and adoption patterns
7:15 PM: Payments in the Cloud: From 3 months to 3 minutes

7:45 PM: ALL TRACKS - WRAP UP (or WRAP UP and Q&A)

Day 2 - Wednesday, July 28 - AR/VR, Firebase, Web

6:00 PM: ALL TRACKS - Intro/Welcome

AR/VR Track

6:15 PM: Building a Game Using ARCore and Google Cloud APIs
6:45 PM: State of the XR Industry
7:15 PM: An Overview - AR/VR in Android in 2021

Firebase Track

6:15 PM: New Firebase SDKs for the web
6:45 PM: Cloud Functions for Firebase – How to manage their lifecycle?
7:15 PM: The 5 step guide for build next gen Vue3 apps with Firebase

Web Track

6:15 PM: Decoding Web Accessibility Through Audit
6:45 PM: Building with New Capabilities: Fugu Edit 2.0
7:15 PM: Next-Gen Gamification with 3D

7:45 PM: ALL TRACKS - WRAP UP (or WRAP UP and Q&A)

Day 3 - Thursday, July 29 - DEI, Mobile, UI/UX

6:00 PM: ALL TRACKS - Intro/Welcome

DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) Track

6:15 PM: Why a Diverse Team is Crucial to Startup Success
6:45 PM: Accessible Information and Data Visualization
7:15 PM: Designing an inclusive future for the web

Mobile Track

6:15 PM: Adopting Jetpack Compose
6:45 PM: Using Realm in a KMM project with Jetpack Compose and Swift UI
7:15 PM: FOMO in Android

UI/UX Track

6:15 PM: Three developer secrets for better UX
6:45 PM: It's not your granny's fault she can't use the internet
7:15 PM: How to be a Dev Ally, UX Designers
7:45 PM: Quickstart Guide to Usability Testing


8:15 PM: UI/UX TRACK - WRAP UP (or WRAP UP and Q&A)



July 27 - 29
6:00 PM (BST)