(External RSVP) Road to Tensorflow.js

May 27, 2022, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Registration for this event is now closed.   Please look out for announcements on future workshops!

NOTE: to reduce the number of no-shows, you will see that at the external ticketing page, there is a fee of £10.   If your circumstances do not allow you to attend without paying a fee, please email hello@gdg.london and we'll make sure you can still attend.

+ Breaking socio-economic bias in AI development with TensorFlow.js

Gerard Sans, a Google Developer Expert for Angular has teamed up with Gen Ashley, WomenTechmakers Ambassador and an organiser for GDG London to provide new upskilling opportunities for people from historically underrepresented groups. “Road to TensorFlow.js” is a full day in-person free training on Machine Learning for Web using JavaScript. The hands-on workshop provides experience with deep learning and expands participants’ knowledge on building, training, and running machine learning models in the browser using the latest version of TensorFlow.js.

This project was one of the 5 selected by Google Developers. Read more.

+ Supporting Underrepresented groups in Tech

Are you part of an underrepresented group in Tech? Groups such as women, ethnic minorities, or LGBT. This is a training made specially for you.

+ Training: Road to TensorFlow.js

Deep Learning and Neural Networks have seen a lot of success in recent years, but they still seem intimidating to many. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible without having to have a math degree to participate.

Get hands-on experience with deep learning using JavaScript and expand your knowledge of building, training, and running machine learning models in the browser using the latest version of TensorFlow.js.

What you will learn:

- Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

- Introduction to TensorFlow.js

- Tensors: uses and types

- Models: saving and loading a model

- UI: creating the UI; visualizing predictions

- Classifiers: binary and multi-class

- Adding a toxicity model classifier to a chat app for moderation

- Preparing the data, designing, training, and testing models

- Extending pre-trained models

- Working with images: convolutions and image classification

- Adding automatic image captioning to a web app using MobileNet

- Deployment and performance: bundle optimizations

- Bonus: Natural Language Processing and AI Assistants

+ Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to integrate machine learning into their apps or websites using JavaScript. No previous experience with machine learning is necessary.

+ Requirements

You should be comfortable with JavaScript and have at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Laptop fully charged.

+Your instructor: Gerard Sans (Google Developer Expert; @gerardsans)

Gerard loves helping Developers to succeed using Web, Cloud, AI and Web3 technologies. He is very excited about the future of the Web and JavaScript. Always happy Computer Science Engineer and humble GDE. He loves to share his learnings by giving talks, training and writing about cool technologies. He loves running Web3 London, GraphQL London, GraphQL San Francisco, mentoring students and giving back to the community.


Registration for this event is now closed. Please look out for announcements on future workshops!


  • Gen Ashley

    TECH(K)NOW / GDG London


  • Gerard Sans

    Sr. Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services

    Google Developer Expert - Angular


  • Renuka Kelkar


    GDG Organizer

  • Sumith Damodaran


    PM / GDG Organizer

  • Jai Campbell


    Senior Architect / GDG Organizer

  • Chris Bouloumpasis

    GDG Organizer

  • Goran Minov


    Team Lead | GDG Organizer

  • Inès Rigaud

    GDG Organizer

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