GSoCquers, a Tech streaming series by the Liquid Galaxy community

GSoCquers, a Tech streaming series by the Liquid Galaxy community

Jun 18, 2:00 – 3:00 PM


Key Themes

AIAndroidBuild with AICareer DevelopmentEarth EngineFlutterGeminiGemmaMachine Learning

About this event

In the pure Liquid Galaxy community style that started in Nov 2021 with the GCiers podcast, we're returning in 2024 with GSoCquers streaming.

GCiers was a way to express, comment on technology news worldwide, and connect with the community. Made with participant students from different countries of the great Google Code in program, now ceased, like Sri Lanka, India, Canada, and Spain, we held great conversations every month.

GSoCquers will retake this effort, with some known faces of our community, like contributors Mahinour and Ryan, and mentors Vedant, Yash, and andreu, with some visiting experts and contributors attending regularly the show. In this first episode Gozie Williams will be with us.

Stay tuned for the very first GSoCquers streaming coming live in June 18, 16:00 CEST


  • Andreu Ibanez

    GDG Spain - GDG Lleida


  • Andreu Ibanez

    Liquid Galaxy LAB

    GDG Organizer

  • Claudia Diosan

    Origen Studio

    Fullstack developer

  • LM Manjon


    Lead Organizer

  • Alba Montoya Mostany


  • Victor Carreras Jimenez


    Mobile Lead

  • Xavier Qui

    Mark Visual

    Organitzador i Senior Designer

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