Female Founders (Ep 02) ft. Ayesha Zaman

Female Founders by GDG Live Pakistan - A series that brings in female founders who can share their empowering entrepreneurial experience. Tune in on Sunday 17th March 2024 @10 PM.

Mar 17, 5:00 – 6:00 PM


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About this event

What's her story?

At the helm of Skills Todo, I am reshaping the contours of tech training and placement. Envision a dynamic tapestry of skills converging at Skills Gala—an esteemed national tech event that not only ignites minds but also forges invaluable connections.

Nestled in Lahore, Bridge co-working spaces stand as a testament to the potent fusion of collaboration and creativity. Here, ideas take flight, and entrepreneurial spirit thrives—a testament to my dedication to driving progress.

Championing the cause of women's empowerment is not just my vocation; it's a profound calling. Women Leaders of Pakistan stands as a symphony of resilience and leadership, harmonizing voices across sectors.

SwishTag, a pivotal chapter in my journey, marked an era of remarkable growth. At the Government's eRozgaar program, I've nurtured aspirations into thriving freelancing careers, laying the cornerstone for 1000s of success stories.

From local roots to international stages, my journey transcended borders. I've fostered international partnerships, guiding Microsoft B2B partners across diverse cultures in navigating the global marketing landscape.

Accolades and honors are more than mere milestones; they are affirmations of my path. From Facebook's SheMeansBusiness to Payoneer's spotlight, each recognition fuels my unyielding commitment. The Women Excellence Award conferred by the provincial government, alongside my representation at the Young Emerging Leaders in Business Summit in Russia, resonates with the spirit of accomplishment.

The 2022 TechWomen fellowship illuminated new horizons—immersing me in San Francisco's innovation and Silicon Valley's brilliance. The pinnacle of this journey was the "Tech Woman of the Year" award from Connected Pakistan in 2022, a distinction that truly humbles me.

From captivating lectures at esteemed universities to media dialogues, I've shared my vision. Driven by resolute self-belief, I've orchestrated impactful social initiatives that have sown the seeds of change both locally and globally.

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